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Applied psychology institute

 Main focus:

1.      Intelligent Human-machine Interaction Virtual Reality System

It mainly focuses on the design and evaluation of human-machine dialog systems, intelligent multi-model user interfaces, and new virtual reality system interface.


2.      Aviation Engineering Psychology

It mainly focuses on the ergonomic studies of the design of integrated display for electronic information and the control system within an aircraft cockpit, overall design of the cockpit of fighter planes and armed helicopters by exploring people’s physical and mental reflection, and features of behaviors.


3.      Human resource management and evaluation system

It mainly focuses on the design of the human evaluation and training system taking advantage of computers and intelligent network.


4.      Study of working stress, psychological burden and occupational health

It mainly focuses on the mechanism of working stress formation based on the media and social supporting functions of human cognization in order to build up some theoretical models and raise some countermeasures to smooth working stress and develop occupational health.


5.      Study of organization innovation and strategy

It mainly focuses on the features of human cognization under the circumstances of ventures without certain conditions. Based on human’s limited sense, the process of strategy and assistant strategy of cognization can be raised. In the maintime, according to knowledge management, the way of organization innovation and study can also be explored.


Cognitive and developmental psychology institute

 Main focus:

1.      Language Cognization

It mainly focuses on the influence of human eyes’ and hands’ feelings in language and information acceptance.


2.      Study of Consciousness and Focus

It mainly focuses on the identification of pictures, feelings, cognitive guards and focus.


3.      Educational and developmental psychology

It mainly focuses on children’s development of cognization and process of socialization, the elements of study, the different psychological features of teachers and students which lead to the different educational processes.