Psychological Consultant Training and Assessment Program


The Psychological Consultant training and assessment program is a national professional training program holding by the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science, Zhejiang University.


The faculty of this training program consists of the doctoral supervisors, professors and associate professors of Zhejiang University. Furthermore, some courses like psychological diagnosis are taught by some senior doctors from many famous hospitals. It’s the most professional faculty in Zhejiang Province. Additionally, there are also the integrated facilities for teaching and practice which can help to ensure the quality of training.


The national qualification certificate will be awarded by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China after passing the training program and national examination.


Students who get the national qualification certificate can apply for joining the provincial study community, Professional Committee of Licensed Counseling Psychologists of Zhejiang Association, and attend some academic conferences and some international exchange programs which can help to develop their own professional abilities and the quality of psychological counseling in Zhejiang Province.