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Undergraduate Cultivation

The department of psychology and behavioral sciences offers three undergraduate programs:

The program of “Psychology”

The program of “Applied Psychology”

The program of “Counseling Psychology”

All focus on the training of high-end scientific research and practical application as well as integrating theory with practice. Currently the department owns 1,100 square meters utilizing area available for undergraduate teaching and training, including “Multiple-Model Integration Experiment System”, “Behavior Monitoring and Analyzing System”, “Distributing Experiment System for Inter-personal interaction”, “Human-Machine Interaction Experiment System”, and various research software such as SPSS, Amos, Presentation, and E-Prime. Plus several undergraduate intern sites have been established based on collaboration with government, companies, hospitals and local communities.

These are four years full-time programs. In the first year, undergraduate students are supposed to study a selection of general modules. In the next three years, after determined their major direction, students are offered with a mix of core and optional modules of courses relating to psychological science and expected to obtain the intending degree(s). Every year, the department enrols approximately 60 students to study relevant majors.

Psychology (National Training Base for Scientific Research and Teaching Talents in Psychology)

Focus on most advanced cognitive science, foster high-level psychology students with solid foundation of psychological theories, systematical but creative scientific thinking, and professional and rigorous research abilities.

Applied Psychology

Emphasize on cultivating high-level practical talents who specialize at Engineering Psychology (Ergonomics), Managerial Psychology, Human Resource Management, Consumer Psychology, Child Developmental and Educational Psychology.

Counseling Psychology

Fostering high-standard practitioners with both research competition and practical skills in Psychological Counseling and Psychological Therapy.

A considerable portion of the graduates from the department continued their studies in both national and overseas institutes as Master or Doctoral candidates. The remaining graduates are also highly employable, entering into careers that include product usage, interface evaluation, user experience, human resource management, psychological counseling, etc. in the intelligent product industrial, or relevant educational and research institutes.