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The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Zhejiang University originated from the former Department of Psychology, Hangzhou University. The latter, whose root can be traced backward to the Department of Psychology, (original) Zhejiang University in 1920s, was officially founded in 1980 as one of the earliest when psychology departments were re-built in universities in China. 

The department features with applied psychology, especially industrial psychology, being a profoundly influential institute in the area of psychological research in China. Currently it maintains a National Key Discipline of Applied Psychology, and a State Specialized Laboratory of Industrial Psychology which was the very first Chinese state laboratory being established in the psychological domain. In addition to being one of the first batch of institutes that were approved by the Degree Commission of State Council to award Master and Doctor degree as well as one of the first Science Bases for Research and Teaching Talent Training program, the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences holds a Primary Discipline Doctoral program  and a Mobile Post-doctoral Station in psychology. After effort of generations of researchers, the department has developed into an important base for conducting psychological research and cultivating high-level psychological specialists in China.

 At present the department operates three separate institutes including an institute of psychology, an institute of cognitive and developmental psychology, and a psychological experiment teaching center. Its teaching staff consists of 32 full-time researchers with 9 professors and 10 associate professors. At the moment, there are approximately 40 PhD candidates, 110 postgraduates, and 220 undergraduates studying in the department.

 The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences is equipped with high-class facilities for the purpose of teaching and research. There are 8 laboratories and 1 teaching center involved in the department: Laboratory of Intelligent Human-machine Interaction and Virtual Reality System, Laboratory of Aviation Engineering Psychology, Laboratory of Measurement and Modeling of Human Body Parameters, Laboratory of Interface Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Products, Laboratory of Brain Function and Cognition, Laboratory of Group Behavior Observation, Networking Laboratory of Human Resource Study, Laboratory of Cognitive Development, as well as a Psychological Experiment Teaching Center to specifically serve undergraduate education. 

In total, the department possesses 17-million-Yuan-worth equipment and 36.8 thousand professional textbooks in Chinese/English as well as 270 national and international academic journals. Seven thousand square meters utilizing area are available for teaching and research purpose.