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The 4th International Symposium on Decision Making and Brain Research held at ZJU

Published : 2019-07-19Reading : 315

The 4th International Symposium on Decision Making and Brain Research, hosted by Zhejiang University and the Committee of DecisionPsychology, Chinese Psychological Society, organized by the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, was held at Qiushi Great Hall on Zijingang Campus on July 13th. The theme of this year's conference was Decision making for the future.


DMBR 2019 Opening Ceremony

Prof. WU Zhaohui, the president of ZJU,made an opening remark at the conference. Prof. He Guibing, the Dean of the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Zhejiang University, presided over the opening ceremony.


President WU Zhaohui, ZJU

Professor HE Guibing, ZJU

“The age of augmented intelligence featured by artificial intelligence is about to begin. Big data will play a bigger role in driving the development of psychology. The traditional space of humans and the physical world will turn into a four-element space, which consists of humans, the physical world, intelligent machines and the virtual world. In this new four-element space, massive data indicate a variety of information on behaviors and psychology, directly affecting people’s decision-making process of creative thinking, innovation models, product personalization and so on. It is foreseeable that psychology, especially the psychology of decision making, will accelerate the transformation of innovation. ”

Professor LUAN Shenghua, CAS

“ZJU is forging ahead with its ‘Innovation 2030’ initiative, which will benefit the development of decision science based on brain research. The deepening of brain research can further promote the cognitive process of decision making, optimizes innovation of the brain’s decision-making mechanism, and forms a new space for interactive development of brain science and psychology.” Said Wu Zhaohui.


Prof. Li Shu, the president of the Committee of Psychology in Decision making, Chinese Psychological Society, commissioned Luan Shenghua to make an opening remark at the conference. He said that ZJU is now promoting the “Intelligence Convergence”project, which is the best time to do research on decision making.


There were 7 keynote speeches, 6 invited speeches, 2 oral sessions and 2 poster sessions during the conference. More than 200 experts and students attended the conference.


Also present at the opening ceremony were Prof. Christopher Hsee from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, the past President of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Prof. Andreas Gloeckner from the University of Cologne, Germany, the President of the European Association for Decision Making, Prof. IdoErev from the Israel Institute of Technology, Prof. Xia Wenli, the Dean of the Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University, and Prof. Shen Mowei, the deputy director of the Faculty of Science of Zhejiang University.