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The Asia Pacific Conference on Vision and the China Vision Science Conference was hosted !

Published : 2018-10-31Reading : 406

The 14th annual Asia Pacific Conference on Vision (APCV) and the 3rd China Vision Science Conference (CVSC) took place in Hangzhou, P. R. China, on July 13 to 16, 2018. It was sponsored by Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences of Zhejiang University, Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience and Technology of Zhejiang University, and Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The aim of the conference was to encourage communication on vision research in Asian and Oceanian regions.

Over 250 presentations with diverse topics, including 8 keynote speeches, 7 invited symposia, 8 oral sessions, 4 poster sessions, 1 workshop and 1 public activity (“Women in Science Forum”) constituted this full. A total of 427 researchers from 11 countries and regions attended the meeting. The addressed topics included: visual psychophysics, visual physiology/anatomy, visual memory, perception and attention, computational vision, social perception, brain imaging, eye movements, multisensory perception, visual development, artificial vision, reading and word recognition, face and object perception, art and visual science, and clinical vision.

Eight keynote speeches were Brain Scholl (Department of Psychology, Yale University), Edward Awh (Department of Psychology and Institute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago), Charles Gilbert (The Rockefeller University), Anthony Movshon (New York University ), William Hayward (Dean of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong), Hongjing Lu (Departments of Psychology and Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles), Takeo Watanabe (Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Brown University) and Zhaoping Li (Department of Computer Science, University College London). The topics included “Let's see what happens: Dynamic events as foundational representations for seeing and thinking”, “Neural and behavioral indices of online visual memory”, “Visual cortical dynamics”, “Elements of visual form perception”, “What is holistic face processing?”, “Action understanding: A bridge between perception and reasoning”, “Mechanisms of perceptual learning” and “A new path to understanding vision from the perspective of the primary visual cortex”.

Topics of 7 invited symposia covered “Vision in nonhuman primates”, “Translational and clinical vision: Focusing on amblyopia”, “Interactions between visual attention and visual working memory”, “Multisensory processing”, “Binocular depth perception”, “Culture shapes face processing”, “Linking objects from vision and beyond”.

There were 8 oral sessions and 4 poster sessions came from over 250 researchers. They covered all aspects of visual research and showed the latest developments in the field of vision.

The conference facilitated the communication and built stronger relationships among vision researchers in the Asia-Pacific region, which represented the core value of the conference.


Fig.1 Professor Charles Gilbert was delivering the speech


Fig.2 Women in Science Forum (from left to right: Professor Jie He, Professor Yulong Ding, Professor Hongjing Lu, Professor Zhaoping Li, Professor Huan Luo, Professor Xiaolan Fu)


Fig.3 Researchers were talking about posters