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Prof. Nie's paper about the influence of lag length effect on repetition priming was accepted

Published : 2018-10-08Reading : 57

Recently, a research paper titled “Influence of lag length on repetition priming in emotional stimuli: ERP evidence” has been published online in Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis (SCI, IF = 1.303) from Prof. Aiqing Nie’s team. The authors intended to disentangle the influence of lag length from pre-existing memory representation on repetition priming. A lexical decision task was performed, in which different emotional characters (either normal or transposed) were re-presented either immediately or delayed. Normal or transposed pointed to items with or without pre-existing memory representation respectively.

The results showed one early and two late (ie, N400 and late positive complex) repetition-related event-related potential (ERP) effects in immediate repetition, which were not sensitive to pre-existing memory representation. The delayed repetition case merely observed the N400.


These results gave answer to a long puzzling question that the repetition-related priming effect is neutrally sensitive to lag length instead of the pre-existing memory representation. Additionally, emotional information potentially exerts early and later repetition-related effects.



Zhang D, Nie A*, Wang Z, Li M. (2018). Influence of lag length on repetition priming in emotional stimuli: ERP evidence. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, e22639. https://doi.org/10.1002/jcla.22639