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Yang and his research assistants published two articles online in Current Psychology

Published : 2018-10-08Reading : 103

On August 10, Yang and his research assistants (one graduate and five undergraduates)published the following article online in Current Psychology: The Positive and Negative Rumination Scale: Development and Preliminary Validation. Current Psychology. This study was funded by Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy andSocial Science Research Program of China (17NDJC198YB) and Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education Planning Fund (17YJA1900144).

In the past two decades, most of the studies on rumination have focused on its negative or pathological aspect ignoring its positive aspect. Researchers usually choose those who scored extreme high and low on rumination scale as ruminators and non-ruminators, ignoring persons between them. The present study developed a scale including both positive and negative rumination factors using college students as subjects. The scale was also validated among school students. Furthermore, three types od ruminators were identified among all subjects using cluster analysis, i.e., positive ruminators, negative ruminators and non-ruminators. Positive ruminators have the best mental health followed by non-ruminators and negative ruminators successively. While this study have added new informations to academic society, the utility of the scale in other age groups such as young adults in workplace, middle age people and elderlies needs further study. And the cognitive mechanism of both positive and negative rumination also needs further study.