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Associate professor, Department of Psychology, Zhejiang University
Ph.D., Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interest: Developmental psychology, Neural substrates of individual differences
Email: zhangqiongzgh@zju.edu.cn

Recent publications:
1. Zhao GH, Ding MP, Zhang BR, Lv W, Yin HM, Zhang L, Ying ZL, Zhang Q*. Clinical manifestations and management of acute thallium poisoning. European Neurology 2008,60 (6): 292-297 (CA)
2. Qiong Zhang, Jiannong Shi*, Yueyang Fan, et al. An event-related potential study of Children’s conservation. Neuroscience letters, 2008, 431:17-20
3. Qiong Zhang, Jiannong Shi*, Yuejia Luo, et al. Effect of task complexity on intelligence and neural efficiency in Children: an ERP study. Neuroreport, 2007,18(15):1599-1602
4. Tongran Liu, Jiannong Shi*, Qiong Zhang, et al. Neural mechanisms of auditory sensory processing in children with high intelligence. Neuroreport, 2007,18(15);1571-1575
5. Qiong Zhang, Jiannong Shi*, Yuejia Luo, et al. Intelligence and Information Processing During a Visual Search Task in Children: An ERP Study. Neuroreport, 2006, 17(7):747-752
6Qiong Zhang, Jiannong Shi*. The ERP and inspection time of intellectually supernormal and normal children. International Journal of Psychology, 2004, 39(5/6):189-189